Adapting to the New Normal and Towards a New Era--The Annual Meeting of Jinan Tianli Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. was held successfully

Column:Tianli News Time:2019-06-14
On January 27, 2019, the annual meeting of Jinan Tianli Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Huiyuan Hotel.

On January 27, 2019, the annual meeting of Jinan Tianli Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Huiyuan Hotel. Tianli Animal Husbandry staff and some partners gathered together to share the achievements and joys of 2018 and look forward to a more challenging new milestone in 2019!

Speech by Chairman Liu Peishan

       The annual meeting is composed of business summary, recognition of advanced, fun game raffle and New Year thank-you dinner. Zhang Qing from the Ministry of Foundation presided over the annual meeting. At the meeting, excellent staff representatives, manager Fu Hengliang of dairy cow business department, manager Wang Rucai of animal nutrition business department and manager Wang Yanhui of basic Department reported their achievements, progress and growth in the past year, and also put forward constructive suggestions and suggestions for the company.

Excellent Employees Share Growth Experience

Report on the work of manager Fu Hengliang in Dairy Industry Department

Report on the Work of Manager Wang Rucai of Animal Nutrition Department

Report on the work of Wang Yanhui, Manager of the Foundation Department

 Chairman Liu Peishan made a keynote report on "Adapting to the New Normal and Towards a New Era". Liu always talked about the grass under the Flame Mountain, explaining that harsh environment often produces more tenacious vitality. Liu always believed that in 2018, Sino-US trade frictions, African swine fever and other factors made the development of the industry frustrated. However, with the joint efforts of all employees, Tianli Animal Husbandry achieved remarkable results in all aspects of its work in 2018 and achieved the annual operating targets. Over the past year, the company's departments have cooperated closely, united and cooperated, overcome difficulties, and dared to innovate, fully demonstrating the positive and upward spiritual outlook of Tianli employees. Tianli Animal Husbandry was inspected as a representative of veterinary drug management enterprises during the National Veterinary Drug Inspection conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, and was highly appraised by the Veterinary Drug Inspection Expert Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas and Provinces and Urban Areas.

Appointment of Wang Rucai as Manager of Animal Nutrition Department

Summary Report of Chairman Liu Peishan's "Adapting to the New Normal, Towards a New Era"

Appointment of Fu Hengliang as Manager of Dairy Cattle Business Department

 To actively adapt to the new normal and new changes, Tianli Animal Husbandry established a new animal nutrition department on the basis of raw feed raw materials business department, and Wang Rucai, manager of raw feed raw materials business department, succeeded the manager of animal nutrition business department. In recent years, with the rapid development of dairy farming industry and the rapid growth of the company's business, dairy cow genetic testing, ranch intelligence system, biological products and other high-tech new products have been on the market in 2018. In order to better adapt to the new situation and new tasks, Tianli animal husbandry boldly recruited new people and appointed Mr. Fu Hengliang after 1990 as manager of dairy business department. Mr. Fu Hengliang is a professional and technical personnel of post-90s dairy cows. He will lead a young professional and technical team of post-90s dairy cows to take technology as the guide and service as the guide, and push Tianli dairy industry to a higher stage of development. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, the goal of Tianli Animal Husbandry in 2019 is to achieve sustained, stable and healthy rapid development of the company. The company will strengthen team building, enhance the enterprise's development momentum, improve the working environment, improve employee welfare, strengthen employee training, so that everyone can realize self-worth in Tianli animal husbandry.

Happy to win the "Five-Year Cultivation Award", "Practical Pacesetter" and "Growth Star"

At the same time, excellent employees were commended. Li Mei, Chairman of Liu Peishan, Vice General Manager Wang Yanhui, Manager Wang Rucai and Foundation Department, won the honorary title of "Ten Years of Cultivation Award". Vice General Manager Cao Jubo was awarded the honorary title of "Five Years of Cultivation Award". Zhu Shaowen of Dairy Cow Enterprise Department was awarded the honorary title of "Practical Paragon Soldier", and Zhang Qing of Foundation Department was awarded the honorary title of "Growing Up The honorary title of Star.

Happy to Win "Ten Years of Cultivation Award"

In the song and laughter, "adapt to the new normal, towards a new era" Tianli Animal Husbandry 2019 New Year Conference concluded! We bid farewell to the countercurrent and enterprising 2018 and ushered in the year of 2019, which is full of potential and challenges. Looking forward to 2019, the new year and the new journey, Tianli Animal Husbandry will continue to focus on the veterinary medicine and feed industry with technical service as its development strategy, and continue to innovate, striving to grow into the most competitive and outstanding animal husbandry service enterprise respected and recognized by the society.