Jinan Tianli Animal Husbandry Achieved Excellent Achievements in the Fourth Workers'Games of Feed Industry in Jinan

Column:1 Time:2019-06-17


Autumn October, autumn high and refreshing. On October 24, the 4th Workers'Games of feed industry in Jinan was held on schedule at the stadium of Shandong Commercial Vocational and Technical College. Tianli Animal Husbandry Delegation actively participated in, fought hard, fought bravely for the first place, and achieved good results.

The games were attended by more than 30 members of feed industry associations and hundreds of athletes. There are 13 events including track and field events, track events and interesting events. The whole staff of Tianli animal husbandry in Jinan came out. Men's 100 meters, 1500 meters, caterpillars, climbing the peak bravely, women push iron rings, ball running, legging, etc., the company's athletes bravely struggle to achieve good results. In towing balls, fishing and running, and long jump events, it has won the laurel. Heavy tug-of-war competition Tianli faced powerful opponents fearlessly, although still glorious defeat.

       In recent years, the company has actively responded to the call of "national fitness for all", attached great importance to staff sports activities, and vigorously nurtured skilled employees, which not only enriched the staff's life, but also further enhanced the company's visibility and influence in the industry associations.